Test Domains Very important Domains VIP-Domains: In the field of search engine optimization, there are always rumors and misunderstandings. For example, when asked "How many links can be on one side so that they are persecuted by bots? Is there a limit? "Until a few years ago was it that you should have no more than 100 links per page. In the Google Webmaster Guidelines is indeed "Limit the total number on a page links to a reasonable number (fewer than 100)." - It is but nothing is said about whether the search robot Selbiger after 100 left to track sets. The thesis that there is a ceiling for links on a page comes from the old days, when Google has not indexed as a 100kByte page. Since the idea was of course nothing wrong with that at a certain level of links on a page they can no longer be pursued. This limitation is no longer there for some years. Today, Google indexed pages increased much more comprehensive. To even determine how many links Google tracked and evaluated on a site, we have a test page with 1000 links set up. A few days later, almost all linked pages in the Google index were found. Thus the hypothesis could be ruled out that the Googlebot stops indexing after 100 links. And Matt Cutts says, "If you have a high PageRank site with many links juice, we can Crawlwer more than 100 links per page - maybe even 2-300 depending on how valuable the feeling that we have to side [. ...] Although we can trace more than 100 links per page (perhaps hundreds), we do not recommend more than 100, with this many, because of the weakening of the link juice that occurs. Instead, use sub-navigation pages too make it less burden on the sides. "The upper limit depends on the followed links from a page that is using it, what is the relevance of a site or its PageRank. This is a Test how many sites are working on it:

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